The island of Kantis is located to the west and a little bit north of the Shimmering Palace. Out of all of the islands in the Yheyn-Seas, Kantis has the greatest supply of ore - it is also the only island capable of providing high levels of ore that Yheyn retains, the ones a few days travel north having been sold to Ampora.

The southern coast of Kantis is mostly agricultural, to supply at least a small amount of fresh foot to the miners that work here, and its eastern coast is mostly mountainous. The remaining area of the island is a barren wastelnad, with very little of interest to be discovered. It was previously rich in ore, but pretty much nothing else other than wasted rocks. And, unfortunately, the ore veins are rapidly running dry.

Kantis is heavily in the camp of the Yheyn Rebellion, and at least thirty pecent of the miners are actually members - many others are close to joining them. Unlike Frumus, it is not an independent island, and is still owned by the Southern Alliance, which heavily increases the number of guards found here. That just seemes to be providing the rebel natives more targets, if anything.

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