The cluster of five small islands known as Moroni is a den of crime and a haven to criminals in the Yheyn-Seas. It is well known that this is the base of the Vermillion Dragon.

Smugglers Peak is both the name of the largest of the islands, and the name of its only feature. The island is, for the most part, nothing more than a barren wasteland with a few ramshackle ports lining it. Rising from its center is the titular mountain, which at least 400 Bio high at its summit, and has a base spanning many Kio. The mountain seems to be covered in ancient, ruined fortresses of stone which carve their way into the rock itself, forming intricate patterns that twist into a great labyrinth. The designs here are mostly arches and domes, suggesting that their creators were fond of rounded objects. These ancient ruins are used as the homes of the criminals and low lives who give the mountain its name. The Vermillion Dragon has a strong influence here, being the largest organization, but it is for the most part just individuals that can be found here.

Two of the smaller isles to the north of Smuggles Peak are capable of supporting life - tropical forests with their own, smaller ruins. The one furthest to the north is believed to house the largest of the Vermillion Dragon base, though the groups inability to stay still for long causes this to fluxuate. Criminals often hole up on this island, or its twin. The other two islands are rarely visited, with one being volcanic and the other a rocky, lifeless waste.

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