The Serpents Isle, Nibar, is a place that very few ever desire to walk upon. While of no greater amount of danger than anywhere else in the Yheyn-Seas, its past makes it a very undesirable place to go.

Nibar takes its nickname from its shape - the great, twisting 'body' of the snake stretching up and end with a 'head'. Along the lower (southern) area of the 'body' is a mountain chain, which keeps stretching further upward into the 'belly' area of the upper section. The upper portion, above the 'belly', is covered in a thick layer of rainforest. The 'top' of the 'head' is a barren waste, and the remained is another of the many volcanic regions in the Southern Islands.

Nibar is uninhabited, but was not always so. Overlook Courthouse, the ancient base of the Justiciars and their final bastion of power before they were ousted, is still hidden among the coastal mountains of the island, its actual location forgotten but its presence never removed from the minds of the islands natives.

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